Welcome! Are you an activist performer, or looking for one? We want to make performers aware of each other with a centralized place to showcase their skills, and that those looking for performers for various causes will have an easy way to find them. We encourage all activist musicians, performance artists, comedians, and those of any other genre to promote their political material here for free.

Our Performers

If you would like to join our network, we will provide a page for you here, and you can make the Progressive Majority Creative Network site your website!

If you want to find a creative performer, type their specific name, or any city and state in the search field, and the appropriate page(s) will come up.

If you already have a website, link to it from a page on this site for more exposure. Additionally, use our Facebook page to publicize your performances.

We provide simple instructions for how to add a page here, and can build a simple wordpress site for you for a reasonable fee.

How to Do It

Email Hali at progressivemajoritycn@gmail.com and ask for a page. We will create your page and send you directions on how to access it. [There will be a template on the page for your basic information and you are free to add personal information and links or other postings as well.]

Welcome aboard! – Love, Hali Hammer, Judy Klass, Elly Faden.

Thanks to Nancy Ibsen for our logo design.