Clyde Leland



City, State  Berkeley, CA
Website and/or email /  clyde@grampasings.com_____________________, ____
Creative interests (singer? songwriter? stand-up comic? film-maker? public speaker? etc.  Singer, songwriter, kids’ entertainer_________________________
Are you up for appearing at rallies/events?  _Sure____
How far would you be willing to travel for an appearance?  __Bay Area________________________________________________.
In what other ways do you want to share your work?  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
What causes are especially important to you?  __Courts, Israel/Palestine, peace, environment, _________________________________________________________________________________.
Is there something more that you want people here to know about you?  _____I am an attorney and a founding member of Parenting in the Nuclear Age_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
What is the best way to contact you?  ________clyde@grampasings.com___________________________________________________.

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