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City, State  Nashville, Tennessee

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http://www.judy-klass.com        JudyKwrites@aol.com

Protest Songs in an Age of Trump: Unplugged:


Protest Songs in an Age of Trump: Full-Band


“Be Careful What You Wish For” live on January 21st, 2017, at the Women’s March on Nashville:

Video for “Left-Handed People” from October 2016:


Creative interests (singer? songwriter? stand-up comic? film-maker? public speaker? etc.  I’m a singer/songwriter, with a background in stand-up, sketch-comedy, and in writing plays and screenplays. I’m up for appearing in person, but I’d also love to collaborate with other people on songs, comedy, etc. And I’d like to help write speeches for those taking a stand/running for office.
Are you up for appearing at rallies/events?  Yes!
How far would you be willing to travel for an appearance?  Within three hours driving distance of Nashville — so Memphis, Kentucky, etc. I might fly somewhere for a really important event.
In what other ways do you want to share your work?  I’m hoping that there will be a whole (counter) cultural renaissance, as people become more politically involved, with internet video/radio stations and such. And as I mentioned, I’d be glad to collaborate with others on their projects; I’m a Nashville songwriter and I know how to co-write. I enjoy rock, folk, country, pop, R&B — all kinds of music.
What causes are especially important to you?  Protecting voting rights, women’s rights and LGBT rights; criminal justice reform; standing up to the scapegoating of immigrants, minorities and refugees; demanding transparency and accountability from liars and law-breakers in government; protecting independent, fact-checked journalism; protecting the Constitution; protecting the environment; avoiding wars of choice; protecting healthcare and basic infrastructure for the most vulnerable among us . . .
Is there something more that you want people here to know about you?  I have a background in political science (a doctorate) and latent policy wonk/spin doctor tendencies. I speak Spanish, mas o menos.
What is the best way to contact you?  email:   JudyKwrites@aol.com

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