The ReSisters



City, State  _____San Francisco/Berkeley, __CA__
Website and/or email, halih@yahoo.com_____________________, ____
Creative interests (singer? songwriter? stand-up comic? film-maker? public speaker? etc.  _political parody_
Are you up for appearing at rallies/events?  _yes____
How far would you be willing to travel for an appearance?  _40 miles
In what other ways do you want to share your work?  ______you tube videos________.
What causes are especially important to you?  __There are SO MANY! We cover a wide variety of issues _.
Is there something more that you want people here to know about you?  _We are a trio of  women musicians: Pat Wynne, Hali Hammer and Liliana Herrera, also known as the Divas of Dissent. We have vocal arrangements accompanied by Pat on piano. We are also all songwriters as well as doing the many parodies of Bernard Gilbert.
What is the best way to contact you?  email (above) or call Pat at (415) 648-3457.
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