Tret Fure

tret-in-lincolnThe Artist Information Template below asks you some questions about your availability, etc. so your readers can find out about your performance preferences and how to best contact you. Type your information over the underlines. If you are having problems, contact


City, State  __Newport News, VA_______________________, ____
Website and/or email  __www.tretfure.com_______________________, ____
Creative interests (singer? songwriter? stand-up comic? film-maker? public speaker? etc.  _singer/songwriter________________________
Are you up for appearing at rallies/events?  __yes___
How far would you be willing to travel for an appearance?  _______as far as necessary_______________________
In what other ways do you want to share your work?  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
What causes are especially important to you?  ___LGBTQ rights, civil rights, environment_____________________\
Is there something more that you want people here to know about you?  ___I have been a performer, songwriter and activist for almost 50 years___________________________________
What is the best way to contact you?  ____tretfure@gmail.com____________________________
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