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Vic Sadot Live SF Bay Area Sing Outs! Playlist at Truth Troubadour YouTube Channel Photo from October 27, 2016 Action at Wells Fargo Bank HQ in San Francisco with Steve Zeltzer of United Public Workers for Action. 

City, State:  Berkeley, CA
Website and/or email: and 
Creative interests: Mainly a singer-songwriter social justice activist with professionally released CD’s at CD Baby. The two latest releases can be heard at these links:

Truth Troubadour (12-02-2016) – 18 songs by Vic Sadot
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9/11 TRUTH & JUSTICE SONGS (9-11-2011) 16 songs by Vic Sadot

Are you up for appearing at rallies/events?  Yes! Started doing that in 1973.
How far would you be willing to travel for an appearance?  San Francisco Bay Area / Would consider other places depending on the central political issue of the event; whether I have a key song for the event; and whether any travel and lodging expenses would be offered.
In what other ways do you want to share your work?  I make a lot of music videos for my own songs. I would like to see them being used by others in social networking for related causes. Except for the love songs, the topical songs are set for free download and Creative Commons Copyright non-profit use. Visit these YouTube channels:

Truth Troubadour YouTube Channel
Vic Sadot YouTube Channel

What causes are especially important to you?  Anti-War & Nuclear Disarmament; Torture Accountability; Bill of Rights defense and use/whistleblowers; Labor unions and international working class solidarity; For safe energy/Anti-nuclear & other polluting and environmentally unhealthy industries; Preservation of trees, natural areas, and eco-systems for future generations; Propaganda busting since the War on Vietnam and the Bay of Tonkin false flag event. I have over a decade of study of 9/11 and other false flags being used to manipulate public perception and gullibility, and to get support for state crimes against humanity and the Constitution of the United States that would not be possible to get without such operations and media complicity.
Is there something more that you want people here to know about you?  I am available to sing, and also to speak or be interviewed about any subject I blog about:

Berkeley Calling Blog – The Living Tradition of SF Bay Area Free Speech   

Broadside Balladeer Blog – Political Folk Songs and Singers

Truth Troubadour Blog – 9/11 Truth & Deep Politics

What is the best way to contact you? and 510-990-6440. Cell phone available when we work together on a project.
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